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Markus Cisliskisiski *-**

Publié par Dreamy sur 19 Juin 2013

Markus Cisliskisiski *-**

Or doing some crepes with an German...

You should already know Markus with all apparitions he has been doing in this blog. Comes the time for him to have his own article. Yes, yes, yes!

To summarize the character, Markus is :

Niked games including wine, his air's bed and Tatiana, a Curato girl-friend named Suzanna, allergy to hugs and kisses, rice pudding, Jet chocolate and all that is eatable and sweet (he can eat a all pinuts butter in less than two days!).

But Markus is also so thoughtful with every body and smart and awesome and handsome and really but really super intelligent... So much that my aunt get a crush on him!

Girls, he is single and probably coming next Christmas in Aix!

*For him to understand, this article, as you've probably noticed, is in English.

** I sincerely apologize for my English grammar and spelling...

Markus Cisliskisiski *-**Markus Cisliskisiski *-**
Markus Cisliskisiski *-**Markus Cisliskisiski *-**Markus Cisliskisiski *-**
Markus Cisliskisiski *-**Markus Cisliskisiski *-**

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Mouhahahaha !!! que carra O.O parece un ogro !